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An A-component is a symbolic representation of the dynamic situation and consists of one active object, one verb, one target object, and supplemental target objects. The active object is a dynamic object. The verb describes what the active object does. Both target object and supplemental target objects are objective to the verb. Whereas a target object can be subjective, supplemental target objects could not be subjective, i.e. static objects.

On describing the A-components, one A-component that has both an active object and a target object could be written in either way; in the active form or the passive form. To avoid the confusion, we prohibit describing the A-component in the passive form.

In the case of lectures in the lecture room, the A-components are listed in Table1. The A-component ID 1 and 2 should be written in active form. A `student group' in Table1 consists of several students who are sitting in a certain part of the lecture room.

Table 1: A-components

Yoshinari Kameda
Fri Oct 1 16:26:35 JST 1999