Old: Ver.1 - 3: OpenCV by svn

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New Casper Cartridge (newer than Ver.3) is ready now.
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You can track OpenCV develop-version (very different from OpenCV 2.x)


Ref: OpenCV's Install Guide
You need to get svn package before you go further.
$ sudo apt-get install subversion

Ckeck out all for the first time.
$ cd
$ mkdir OpenCV-svn
$ cd OpenCV-svn
$ svn co ´╗┐https://code.ros.org/svn/opencv/trunk
$ svn info trunk

You can also check the version by trunk/.svn/entries .

Then, later on, you just need to update.
$ cd
$ cd OpenCV-svn/trunk
$ svn update
$ svn info


It has main part(opencv) and extra part(opencv_extra).
Here I explain only on main part.
$ cd
$ mkdir OpenCV-svn/build_kmd
$ cd OpenCV-svn/build_kmd
$ cmake ../trunk/opencv
$ make

(KAMEDA, Yoshinari) kameda[at]iit.tsukuba.ac.jp, kameda[at]ieee.org