Old: Ver.1 - 3: ARToolKit on Linux(Ubuntu) with USB camera

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New Casper Cartridge (newer than Ver.3) is ready now.
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Unfortunately, you cannot install ARToolKit(2.72.1, 2007/4/3) by just following the instruction on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS .
I made a patch for Ubuntu users, with V4L2.

You may take easier way of USB boot of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ( + OpenCV2.1.0 + ARToolKit).


You are asked to follow the license agrrement.
And send your thanks to Prof. Hirokazu Kato, the first developper.


Download the three files.

Introduce Xmu development package.
$ sudo apt-get install libxmu-dev

$ tar xvfz ARToolKit-2.72.1.tgz
$ patch -p0 -d . < artk-v4l2-
$ cd ARToolKit
$ ./Configure
For questions by ./Configure, the answers could be

1st → 3  (V4L2) 
2nd → y  (x86) 
3rd → n
4th → n
And then
$ make
and you are set.

OK, let's run a simple sample program.
Insert a USB camera (logicool is good for test!).
Have AR marker (Hiro) ready by printing it or showing it on display. (pdf | gif)
$ cd bin
$ ./simpleLite

You have to change directory to run sample programs, be careful.


KAMEDA, Yoshinari; kameda[at]iit.tsukuba.ac.jp, kameda[at]ieee.org