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A Live Video Imaging for Multiple Users



Many activities are held in a certain fixed space in our society. It becomes possible to participate in such activities from remote places. Video is one of the best media for this purpose, and it is important to consider how to image such activities. In this paper, we propose a new video imaging method with multiple cameras for multiple users. Dynamic situations in an activity are defined for describing an imaging rule of each user, and they are detected by processing sensor data. Concretely, the imaging rule is described by a user with camera-works linked to each dynamic situation. With this description of the imaging rules, many users can request their own favorite camera-works, while the system mediates these requests to satisfy as many users as possible. We have built a prototype system and conducted an experiment in which several users could participate in lecture.

Yoshinari Kameda
Fri Oct 1 16:26:35 JST 1999